In some hours, maybe days, my flickr account will be destroyed, and its content will be gone, definitely.

Looks like Flickr doesn’t allow "sales links" within photo description:

Flickr: no sales links allowed

That doesn’t fit my way of thinking my expensive hobby. I know, by putting links to redbubble I’m breaking the terms of service agreement, so I’m the culprit, and Flickr is safe.

Bye Flickr, after 5 years of paying my "pro" account fees, I’m a bit sad to leave the community, but I can’t stand paying for a service which doesn’t allow me to manage my stuff the way I want. Especially when some Interesting photos of the day, highlighted by Flickr itself in its explore RSS feed, are using the same kind of links, but are still there, safe.

Double standards? Not for me, thanks. Bye.

PS: When I’ll have a new dedicated self-hosted website, I’ll keep you informed here. In the meanwhile, feel free to reach me at redbubble.

Edit: Done, flickr account is gone. All the data it contained have been retrieved using the awesome photobackup utility, give it a go, even for backuping your flickr stream: it just works.